Daniela Venieri 5/01/18

Keys to foster creativity

We don’t believe it but, we are all creative.

Yes, that’s right, creativity is not about a “divine gift” with which only some privileged are born, but a common capacity that we all have -although some develop it more easily- called by anthropologists cognitive fluency. We simply must work or encourage our creativity and strive a little more to be as creative as we want. If we take this issue more seriously, we will probably discover the high potential we have and great ideas will begin to flow on their own.

For this, in We Build It we have prepared some small tips that could help you.

  1. Do not be fooled! Pure creativity does not exist. All inspiration is based on something else, so do not be afraid to look at something you like, especially at the beginning. Great artists have always started emulating their idols. With this we do not mean that you carry out a plagiarism, but that you take some interesting references and from there, you create an incredible thing.
  2. Surround yourself with people with more talent than you and who are willing to help you move forward. Work with people you admire and learn from them.
  3. Listen and observe. The best ideas are those that are polished in groups. If you have an idea, share it and generate a feedback no matter the criticism, they will always be valuable and will leave you a great learning.
  4. Use your whole body. Although everything now moves hand in hand with technology, sometimes it is also important and very helpful to use a paper and a pencil or scissors and paints, depending on the case. Staining or creating several old-fashioned drafts can help you if you do not know where to start. Remember that creative work is not just a mental process.
  5. Create a brainstorm. But yes, do not stop at the first idea that comes to you, in this process the quantity is better than the quality, and after having several stones choose and polish.
  6. Disconnect! Digital life has many advantages, however, it is a little difficult to find your muse when you are attending your social networks, watching videos on YouTube or chatting with the little Whatsapp group. So take a little bit of your time to distract yourself, get fresh air, do something you like but do not include the technology to turn on your light bulb.
  7. Avoid trends. If you want to be original, do not follow the fashions because you will get the same results as the rest. Do what you like, look for your own references and make sure you are in what you are passionate about, regardless of whether that is not part of current trends to excel in the creative world.
  8. Take advantage of every moment, even the bored ones. When you are bored your brain has the time and the encouragement to create ideas that you can overlook when you are very busy. Remember the famous phrase of Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it will find you working”.
  9. Try to form creative habits. Every day, try to write something, paint a picture or do some craft. You can start with something small, but little by little it will be more significant and will help you to be constant and develop your creativity.
  10. Do not lose focus! This is the most important tip. You must always remember what your goal is without giving a lot of thought to the issue, and trying to simplify the situation. Sometimes, less is more.

As you can see, creativity is based on knowledge, experience and practice. Remember that we are all born with a creative capacity and that it should simply be stimulated. So do not wait any longer and start! Do not make excuses and cheer up, the important thing is to move forward and improve day by day.