tecnologia y sociedad
Jhoanna Pisani 22/12/17

Is technology affecting society?

Throughout history we have been able to observe how technological advances have set the tone in the transformation of the human being and his way of life; from the invention of the electric bulb and all the medical advances reached in the last century, until the arrival of the 21st century with smartphones, tablets, videogame consoles with augmented reality and more and more advances in the health industry.

While we can thank all the help they have offered to any patient and family member with the medical treatments and products created to facilitate the life of people and their development in society; It is also important to emphasize that the human being has become increasingly dependent on technology, forgetting the importance of generating interpersonal relationships and almost always falling into the coldness of doing everything through an electronic device that only brings more and more protocols to establish contact with other people.

With this I do not mean that all technology is bad, on the contrary, it has allowed us to connect practically with any place in the world in real time. It is the inadequate use we give to these tools that is affecting, how we relate and carry our lifestyle.

Making the most of all the tools that technology can offer us today does not mean that we should get involved in our mobile device and leave aside the good times we can spend with our loved ones or stop appreciating the good and beautiful things that we Give life. Making the most of it would involve using it to improve our health with an app that helps you monitor your physical condition, to communicate at special times with people who are not nearby, to keep us informed of what is happening around us, among other things.

Use technology to improve your quality of life and do not depend on it, in this way I assure you that it will improve not only your health, but also your interpersonal relationships.