Keys to foster creativity

Daniela Venieri 5/01/18

Creativity is not about a “divine gift” with which only some privileged are born, but a common capacity that we all have -although some develop it more easily- called by anthropologists cognitive fluency. We simply must work or encourage our creativity and strive a little more to be as creative as we want. If we take this issue more seriously, we will probably discover the high potential we have and great ideas will begin to flow on their own.

tecnologia y sociedad

Is technology affecting society?

Jhoanna Pisani 22/12/17

Throughout history we have been able to observe how technological advances have set the tone in the transformation of the human being and his way of life; from the invention of the electric bulb and all the medical advances reached in the last century, until the arrival of the 21st century with smartphones, tablets, videogame consoles with augmented reality and more and more advances in the health industry.